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ON PURPOSE Parenting

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Being an ON PURPOSE® Parent

In considering Purpose in all its contexts, I believe we must have it behind everything we do, not just our work or sports, but also in how we play, and how we raise our children and manage our family relationships.   From the moment we are born, we strive to grow, learn and get ready to venture out into the world, and our parents have expectations of our future and the type of people we'll grow up to be.   So we as parents, need to consider the outcomes we expect for our children and start applying purpose to our parenting skills.   This is what drives us to move forward, but also it keeps us ready and willing to pick ourselves up during those tough times when we're exhausted, frustrated, and dealing with tantrums, tears and spilled milk! 

Our temperamental two year-olds eventually move out of this stressful phase, start school, and move through various stages of loving us and distancing us, then loving us again as they prepare for leaving home and taking their places in the world.  What we can do to help them is to let them know our sense of purpose and commitment to ensuring that the day when they pack the car, or leave us tearfully at an airport that we know they are completely ready, capable and able to adjust to what ever comes their way henceforth.

I've a friend who's son recently left home and country to seek his fortune, and as he left, she realized that had she not had a strong sense of purpose leading up to that moment, it would have been a much harder goodbye and she'd have worried so much more.  But having known that her dedication as a mother (who encouraged independence and responsibility) had contributed to the making of a 'good person' she felt "mostly ready" to let go when the time came.

We have the right and the responsibility to plan our childrens' futures, and while we may not have a lot of control over what they do, where they end up living, or who they partner up with, we can plan ahead for us all to be ready to launch good people out of our nests.

Being an ON PURPOSE® parent makes for a wonderful journey.


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