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Think Big Live Large - Paperback

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Andrew wrote this book about life and the challenges we face every day that ultimately make us better people. We can all carve out our niche, even in tough times.

Andrew built a successful international software business, started a family and had to deal with the tragic loss of a child.

Over time Andrew adopted four approaches to life that meant he was able to retire at forty.

They are;

  • Know what you want
  • Never give up
  • Give yourself permission to fail
  • Focus on your success not your failures

Think Big Live Large Paperback and The Power of Persistence and Purpose Ebook

“From humble beginnings, with little formal education Andrew has become a self-made world leader in the incredibly competitive computer business.

Andrew has recorded a memorable and timeless message drawn from his much varied life experience.

This communication is the result of sheer dent of persistence through life’s travails. From the depths of adversity he has learned about people, the wins, the losses and the upside of failure.

From the highs he has sculptured his own philosophical and philanthropic approach – to making one a full, whole and rounded human being.

This user friendly publication will provide motivation for those seeking to overcome difficult times and provide the framework to achieve success.

"Andrew has created a business environment which allows him to give back to both charity and the community.

Andrew shares his insights to his methodical approach to the never ending challenge of managing all facets of private and business life.

He will provide strategies for you to follow his committed and determined path to challenge your thinking.

Andrew outlines a strategy for setting and achieving goals...a strategy which applies to anyone who wants to achieve success. It relates to any area of activity such as career pathways, relationships, health and fitness. You and your work group, your sales team, your company, your students, or your club will learn how to translate dreams into reality.“

Ron Barassi
Football Legend

Andrew Darbyshire is also a Professional Business Speaker with some of the big corporate names delighted with his performance. You can book Andrew Darbyshire for your next corporate event.

If you like this, See also the inspiring DVD – The Persistent Millionaire.

Inspirational Book “Think Big Live Large” by author Andrew Darbyshire.


Andrew’s appointments include: * Past board member of the Song Room * Board member of Florey Neurosciences Foundation Council * Past Board member Zoos Victoria Foundation * Board member of Petstock Foundation * Past Chairman of CAPRA - Child Abuse Prevention Research Australia @ Monash * Chairman of The Click Foundation  * Fundraising Committee of SecondBite * Patron and Founder of Caitlin’s Retreat * Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors * Chairman of Rees Partners Advisory Group