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Business Keynote Speaker

Andrew's Approach

Andrew’s presentation is a humorous, entertaining and moving account of 3 critical lessons he has learnt from over 25 years in business, in the trenches.

Listening to Andrew could potentially save you millions of dollars and leave you feeling inspired and ON PURPOSE®.

A good mix of humour and emotion makes Andrew’s keynote suitable for conferences, after dinner entertainment, sporting club functions and business meetings in general.

Andrew Darbyshire is also a Professional Keynote Speaker with some of the biggest corporates delighted with his performance. You too can book Andrew Darbyshire for your next corporate event.

"Just want to say a big thanks from all of us here at the Foundation for Young Australians. It's a rare gift to be able to reach young people in that way. As one kid said in his presentation "Andrew is awesome." Big Prasie from a 15 year old boy! We want to thank you for what you contributed. You had such an impact on those kids I can't begin to describe it to you."

John Kilner - Foundation for Young Australians

Royal Children’s Hospital - Zoo

Zoo After many years of lobbying by Andrew, the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne will incorporate a zoo, run by the Royal Melbourne Zoo. This innovation will help catapult the new Hospital’s recognition throughout the world.


Andrew’s appointments include: * Past board member of the Song Room * Board member of Florey Neurosciences Foundation Council * Past Board member Zoos Victoria Foundation * Board member of Petstock Foundation * Past Chairman of CAPRA - Child Abuse Prevention Research Australia @ Monash * Chairman of The Click Foundation  * Fundraising Committee of SecondBite * Patron and Founder of Caitlin’s Retreat * Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors * Chairman of Rees Partners Advisory Group